The Central Library is located at the university’s main campus in a recently built building. It hosts more than 134,000 volumes (plus 40000 downloadable e-books) on different academic subjects both in English and Persian. It utilizes modern information technology for searching, downloading e-books, booking, and renewing. There are also two librar­ies in the Faculties of Basic Sciences and Literature & Humanities.The reference section of the library contains rich resources including around 17,000 volumes of Encyclopedias, Bibliographical Indexes, Biog­raphies, etc. on both general and specific fields of academic inquiries. The periodical section contains more than 300 academic journals on various disciplines mostly in Persian but also in English and Arabic. Pub­lic newspapers and magazines are also on regular display for use. The thesis and dissertation section contains about 2900 MA thesis and PhD dissertations mostly in Persian but around 60 in English written by postgraduate students of the university. For copy right reasons photocopying from these monographs is forbidden but they can be studied in the library.