International Students’ Admission Procedure

Any applicant with a non-Iranian passport, who is willing to study in an Iranian university is defined as an international student. Those who have double nationality (one Iranian, one other) are considered as Iranian and not international. An international student is either self-funded or granted a scholarship by ASMU according to MOUs between Islamic Republic of Iran and other states, or between ASMU and international universities and academic or research centers, or according to direct application for scholarship by the international applicant.

2.1 A letter of confirmation from the Iranian Embassy in the home country of the applicant or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, certifying the eligibility of the applicant to study in Iran.

2.2 A health certificate approved by the Iranian Embassy in the home country of the applicant.

2.3 Those students who are self-funding their studies at AMSU must provide documents showing that they are able to afford university tuition and living expenses during their studies at ASMU.

3.1 Farsi Language Requirements All international applicants should submit evidence of proficiency in Farsi. Those who have already completed one level of academic study (e.g. B.A/BSc.) in Iran are not required to submit such evidence and can directly apply for their next level of study (e.g Masters or PhD). Those who have not studied in Iran before should sit in Farsi language proficiency test to be held at the following centers:

• Farsi Language Teaching Center, International Center for Islamic Studies

• International Center for Teaching Farsi Language & Literature, Tehran University (Dehkhoda)

• Farsi Language Teaching Center, Imam Khomeini International University

• Farsi Language & Literature Department, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University

• Language Learning Center, International Office, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University The cost of Farsi language courses is the responsibility of the self-funded students. For those who are eligible for scholarship, either by the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology of Iran or any other Iranian institute this cost will be afforded by the sponsor.

3.2 English Language Requirements All applicants coming from non-English speaking countries and those who have studies at non-English speaking universities are required to be familiar with at least intermediate level of English language at the start of their study at ASMU. The Language Learning Center of ASMU is prepared to organize and offer English language courses at all levels for those applicants who are in need of improving their level of English. PhD students must be able to pass one of the accredited tests of English proficiency tests (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, MSRT, Cambridge Advance Certificate Test, etc.) before sitting for Comprehensive Exams during their PhD studies. The Language Learning Center of ASMU is prepared to offer courses pertaining preparation for these tests right from the start of PhD courses. All the costs of required English language courses should be paid by the applicant

4.1 Applicants to pursue an undergraduate degree course at ASMU must hold a secondary education diploma to be accredited by the native country of the applicants, and should be compatible with Iranian secondary education certificate. Those whose secondary education diploma do not correspond with the Iranian one are eligible to apply only after successfully completing supplementary courses as authorized by Iranian Council of Scholarships for International Students. Those international applicants who have studied their secondary education at an Iranian school outside Iran are eligible to continue their undergraduate studies in Iran.

4.2 Applicants’ applying for an undergraduate degree course must have a minimal GPA of 12.5 (out of 20) and a minimal of 14 (out of 20) in science, and engineering fields of study.

4.3 Applicants’ age must not exceed 22 when they apply for an undergraduate course. For those who are applying for Persian Language and Literature or Theology the age limit is 26.

5.1 Applicants seeking to study at postgraduate level must have competed his/her previous level of study at an accredited university to be confirmed by the Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology of Iran.

5.2 The minimum GPA at the previous level of study required for admission is 15 for applications for M.A/ M.Sc. in Humanities, Art, and Agriculture, and 14 for all fields of study. For PhD applications, a minimum 16 is required.

5.3 For applicants applying for M.A/M.Sc. the maximum age is 28 and for applicants seeking PhD is 32. Those who hold first or Master degrees in Farsi Language and Literature the maximum age limit is 30 for Master and 35 for PhD applicants.

The annual academic tuition for self-funded students is determined according to the following table: Field

Level Humanities Basic Sciences Engineering & Agriculture
B.A./B.Sc. 700$ 750$ 750$
M.A./M.Sc. 1800$ 2200$ 2200$
PhD 3000$ 3200$ 3500$

• Applicants receiving scholarship are exempt from paying tuition fees. However, if any such applicant is unable to finish his/her studies within the time limit set for scholarship, the tuition fees for the remaining period is the responsibility of the applicant.

• Self-funded students are responsible to pay the required tuition fee within the period set by the university. Otherwise, the university has the right to cancel the admission for applicants who fail to do so.

• If a self-funded student decides to withdraw before the final stage of admission, he/she is eligible to request for the refunding of the paid tuition fee.

• In emergency cases, the university administration may apply a maximum of 30% discount on the tuition fee of the applicants who are able to submit convincing evidence for their hardship.

The annual academic tuition for self-funded students is determined according to the following table: Field

• The completed application form for admission

• Three scanned copies of the latest transcripts and certificates

• Two scanned copies of valid passport

• One recent color photo of the applicant (3x4)

• A copy of C.V. (resume) for postgraduate applicants

• Letters of recommendation for postgraduate applicants

• A brief research proposal for PhD applicants

• A bank statement as evidence for financial eligibility of self-funded students

• Self-funded applicants choose one of the following ways to submit their documents: Filling in online application form/s and send it via e-mail (see the following) to International Office at ASMU. After initial review of the applicant’s application form, the subsequent documents can be sent via air-mail to the following address:

Dr. Farzad Salahshour

International Office

Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University Km 35 Tabriz-Maragheh Highway Tabriz

P.O. Box 53714-161 Iran


The applicant may choose his/her documents to be sent to us via the last university he/she studied at provided that university has already signed an MOU or any mutual cooperation treaty with ASMU.

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